Advertising Commission calculation:

For example,

  • If the product selling price is THB100,
  • the commision is 50% profit,  
  • the shipping fee is THB19,
  • the customer discount is 20%: 
  • the VAT is 7% 
  • Payment Provider cost is 7.35%


  1. Total selling price: THB 100 - THB 20 ( 20% customer discount ) = THB 80
  2. THB 80 - THB 5.88 ( 7.35% payment provider ) = THB 74.12
  3. THB 74.12 - THB 19 shipping fee = THB 55.12
  4. THB 55.12 - THB 5.6 ( 7% VAT ) = THB 49.52 Profit
  5. THB 49.52 ÷ 2 = THB 24.76 commission ← This is the amount the participants will receive.


  • Affiliates & Ambassadors Program refers to a participation-based program provided by Vari & Co, which offers several benefits to its participants, including the following:
    1. A lifetime personal promo code (30% OFF), exclusively for the participant to use.
    2. A social share promo code, which offers the participant's followers 20% off.
    3. A social share link, which includes the social share promo code.
  • The Benefits of the Affiliates & Ambassadors Program may change or end at any time, at the discretion of Vari & Co and without any notice to the participant.
  • Continued membership in the Affiliates & Ambassadors program is at the exclusive discretion of Vari & Co and may be terminated at any time.
  • Participation in the Affiliates & Ambassadors Program relies on completing these qualifying activities whenever new products release:

Qualifying activities are:

  1.  Post a photo of yourself wearing our Jewelry, plus a 1-2 sentence review on Instagram (can be story/reel/post). The post would need to include a link to our website: https://variandco.com, Instagram:@variandco_jewelry.


  • Participant agrees and allows Vari & Co to repost his/her's content on Vari & Co Social media accounts and website: https://variandco.com for marketing & advertising purposes.
  • Participant recognizes that with respect to his/her Affiliate & Ambassador activities, he/she is not an employee of Vari & Co and that no employer-employee relationship is created as a result of the services. Participant hereby agrees to provide per this Agreement. Participant further recognizes that he/she is not to hold his/herself out as an agent, representative, or employee of Vari & Co or its affiliates, implicitly or otherwise. Moreover, the participant certifies he/she is over the age of eighteen.
  • Participant agrees to release, discharge, and hold harmless Vari & Co and each of their respective agents, representatives, attorneys, and advertising and promotion agencies, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns ("Released Parties") from and against all claims, liability, costs, losses, damages or injuries of any kind arising out of or related to his/her services as Affiliates & Ambassadors Program Participant ("Losses"), except with respect to any willful or grossly negligent actions. This waiver shall include, without limitation, any personal or bodily injuries, losses or damages to the participant or any other person's equipment or other property, or arising out of any violation of rights of publicity or privacy, or claims of defamation or portrayal in a false light; or based on any claim of infringement of intellectual property.
  • Participant's advertising commission will be paid through bank transfer on a monthly basis for Qualifying Purchases shipped in a given month. Participant commission will be immediately canceled/deducted when the customer changed his/her mind and cancel or return his/her order within the 30-day of his/her purchased.  
  • Vari & Co. uses a third-party website: Goaffpro.com, to run this affiliate program. Participants are advised to read Goaffpro's Legal Terms & Conditions before promoting. Please click here to read Goaffpro Terms & Conditions



This Affiliate Privacy Policy describes how "variandco.com" (the "Site" or "we") collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Information when you apply to be our affiliate partner or ambassador.

Vari & Co collects your personal information when you apply to be our affiliate partner or ambassador. The personal data we collect is your first & last name, email address, company name, website, the username of social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), email address, phone number, and home address.

Vari & Co only uses your personal information to contact you, pay you advertising commission, and review if we are suitable to work together. We do not use your personal data for illegal purposes, and we do not share your personal information without your consent. 

Vari & Co. uses a third-party website: Goaffpro.com, to run this affiliate program. Your personal information is stored and saved on Goaffpro.com. Please click here to read how Goaffpro Privacy Policy uses your personal information.

You may access and amend your personal information by logging into your affiliate account. If you wish to make a complaint or completely delete your personal data on Goaffpro, you may email us at infovariandco@gmail.com.